Slowly but surely, some pictures will get uploaded 🙂 I just graduated and lot’s have happened. The biggest being that I am single now! and the pictures I will be uploading will probably contain ones with my now ‘ex’ boyfriend… 

Hey guys! Sorry for being inactive >_< I’ve been super busy recently that it ain’t funny D; I only have about 2 more days here in Korea, and will be flying back home to Hawaii on Thursday >_< Will post days 93+ when I get back home to Hawaii most likely… Currently staying at a Hotel near Incheon Airport. It’s so sad that my time here is almost up 😦 Really wish I can come back and visit everyone again T___T Saying goodbye is the most sad/hurtful thing ever… since this goodbye could be the last time 😦

Day 94:

GLOBAL DAY! Korean class was pretty fast since most of us were all focusing on getting through it so that we could work on our tents and stuff. Luckily my writing teacher let us out early so we can help out at our tables! We thought that our tent was pretty dull comparing to the others but we actually made a good job! Had a lot of people visit our tent to take pictures with our Waikiki backdrop background, leis, and our homemade lihingmui apples and haupia 😉 Met all sorts of people through this event and some that we haven’t seen in a while! Really wish i could visit my club before I leave korea >_< but been so busy lately… sigh. but alas, the day was a success! except the fact that jason got sick >.>

OHHH YEAAA! To end my day, Woohyun from INFINITE was at our school today 😀 Shooting a scene in front of our schools library for his new Drama, ‘High School – Love’! My international friends were lucky enough to become extras! unfortunately I was only there for a short time to sneak some pics of the shooting.

Day 92:
R&R Day~ did laundry. slept most of the day. cramming on projects. gotta start working on final papers… global day tuesday. tomorrow cid presentation… currently watching noragami lol while waiting for my fairy tail 2014 stream to load xP

Day 93:

Was pretty pissed/annoyed all day -__- basically woke up on the wrong side of the bed as what people would say. Had my CID presentation and pretty much just winged it. My history class was even more boring than usual because the teachers powerpoint wasn’t working =___= ugh… was pretty busy after the class too working on our Global Day poster. Didn’t finish our poster till about 11pm at night! and literally started working on it about… 5pm? right after my class finished. At least our poster turned out pretty good… nice and simple. Messaged our teacher on kakao to excuse us from class tomorrow b/c of gday.

Day 91 pt 1:

BUSY DAY! Caught nuriro 7:30am w/jason n kevin to seoul. went to a lot of places such as Deokgung Palace?, King Sejung’s ‘Butt’ museum which was really good!, Changdukgung Palace? with Secret Garden which wasn’t that great as it was supposed to be, Jongmyo Shrine, Myeongdong (Shopping at the LINE store and Todai in NoonSquare) We literally went in a circle trying to find the restaurant! lmao. I think that’s all we went to… We weren’t able to go to the last palace on our list nor the National Korean Museum :/  oh well. Got lots of good nature shots xD

Day 89:

Instead of actually having a dance class, our teacher told us to go out and teach other students how to dance traditional korean dance. and in turn learn a dance from them. this activity was really interesting and fun because we got to interact more with our exchanges. I taught them simple moves that we learned in the beginning of the semester… while they taught me kpop dance moves. very simple kind…. Got my Dream Concert tickets! had to walk up the death stairs b/c it was delivered to the wrong building >.> oh well. Ordered chicken and fries again~…

Day 90:

Class as usual… no korean hw b/c i finished it in class xP wooo~ n then there was the badminton competition. Supported my friends who participated. one of them actually got to the finals! woohoo! had samgyeopsal and crunky ice cream as celebration w/jason, iesha, and kanta. pretty fun. whats sad tho is that i’m stressed b/c of gday coming up and have a busy weekend and have a skit to prepare as well… hnngh…

Day 87:

Korean Entertainment class got cancelled b/c teacher was sick! woooohooo~ 😀 got to watch some yowapeda episodes ^_^. and 2 of my exchanges were busy so yeaaa xP was pretty much freeeeee~ should have done laundry but ehh lazy.

Day 88:

Today was our last day at TA but we can still go anyway if we want to xP. And I officially hate playing Baseball -___- got hit by the ball straight at my chest 😦 hurt like a b***** >___< only had 1 exchange today with jackson… played jenga… xP n made curry ramen using kevin’s ingredients….?? it was interesting… and found out nyhd has french fries o_o i didn’t know that…

Day 86:

Only 1 class today and it was cut short xD Only had presentations… my group goes next week… still haven’t thought of anything yet though… any who, all day today everyone was concerned about getting Dream Concert tickets! At first we thought we could get it on the english interpark site but NOPE. only available to local koreans. So with the help of our korean friends, me and jason was able to create a korean account to try get tickets. Luckily for me, once the clock struck 8pm, I was lucky enough to grab 2 tickets in the 5th row in the middle section! and I officially paid for it too :3 soo happy right now. Jason is still trying to get tickets for others who wanted to go but at this rate it’s not happening. It was a battle royal tonight all at the PC Bang fighting to get tickets!

Day 85:

ASDFGHJKL;! BLOCK B CONCERT!!!! 1st Solo Concert BLOCKBUSTER! It was amazing despite all the flashing lights lol. They sang all of their songs including their latest song, Jackpot! I wasn’t prepared for that song because I have only listened to it once before… but really everything was awesome. I think I lost my voice several times from screaming and singing along to some songs haha. Oh! and the fan chants are very nice too! When I listened to their songs again on the subway going back home, it just didn’t feel the same anymore. The fans screaming and fan chants is what makes kpop music amazing to listen to! Oh and of course seeing the kpop artist performing right before your eyes! haha xD My arm hurt at the end because I kept moving my newly bought Block B fan up and down, left to right, along with those who had strobe lights lol. or flags/towels.

I’d say my favorite part was when B.Bomb or Ukwon? danced their solo performance thing to Crayon Pop’s ‘Jumping’ song xD much pelvic thrusts/body roll >///< oh and I found a new bias of the grouppp besides Zico haha. My favorite is Taeil now ❤ I nickname him Italy because the fans say ‘Lee Taeil’ but sounds like ‘Italy’ haha. His voice is just gorgeous and really captured my heart with his solo performance song for his mother.

I’d say Zico was pretty cute today xD with his blonde hair haha… and P.O is like TOP to me xp the rapper of the group that can’t really dance lmao… but all in all amazing day! really wish i could have taken pics throughout the concert but I think the reason they don’t allow it is because they want the fans to enjoy the concert instead of just focusing on filming or taking a great picture. I know I was really glad i didn’t see a sea of cellphones, only a sea of yellow strobe lights and heads lol.

Mental Breaker is stuck in my head haha… and Very Good…. and Halo…. and Narina…. and Nirinirimambo(?)… and Movie’s Over… etc >w<

oh yes! the concert was a ‘Movie’ theme 😮 Zico was the lion you would see in the beginning of the movie and Taeil was the statue of Liberty xD lol get the pun? ‘BLOCK BUSTER’ haha. and when the concert ended, they had scrolling credits too ;w; ahh wish it didn’t end… but all good things must come to an end… Now to purchase my Dream Concert (June 7) ticket tomorrow xD